Born from the desire to solve the most difficult of satellite communications solutions for the aviation industry we strive to create innovative solutions to complex communication problems.


Over 30 years of aerospace and aviation experience produces a team dedicated to the pursuit of efficiency, innovation and above all safety for pilots & aircrew globally.  With aircraft engineers, avionics engineers, jet system engineers, satellite communications specialists, aircraft owner operator and experienced staff we have the right team to manage your solution from concept to the flight line.


Based at Essendon Airport with direct flightline access, we can also provide direct installation of your aircraft satellite equipment direct from the tarmac.


Our vision is to design, certify and produce specialised satellite & terrestrial communications devices & equipment.  We want to change the landscape in the aviation industry so that the disappearance of  Malaysia Airlines MH-370, is a thing of the past.  We want to make theft of caravans a thing of the past.


We want families to know their father, daughter, son, husband, wife etc is safe and their whereabouts is always known should things not go to plan.  By innovative design we can see what's happening with aircraft, caravans and vehicles along with their systems, real time, anywhere on the planet.


Our vision is to provide peace of mind, always, anywhere all the time...