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Satellite Voice


ESSTRACK provide satellite communications from the world's leading satellite service providers Inmarsat & Iridium.  From cutting edge handsets through to integrated headset systems for flight crew, we can provide a cost effective solution for your satellite voice requirements in flight or on the ground.

Satellite Data


With the introduction of new satellite data infrastructures from Inmarsat, Iridium, and Sky & Space Global (SSG) we can design and provide voice, data & comprehensive telemetry services in flight, at sea or on land.

Satellite Tracking


Whether its monitoring aircraft systems and locations, tracking vehicles and their use behaviour on land, vessels at sea or managing staff safety and location reporting via cellular/mobile or satellite, ESSTRACK can deliver your desired outcomes.

​Operations Management


With the future release of ESSTRACK products, a truly unique aviation control device will allow operations teams to manage aviation assets in a more efficient manner and provide safer outcomes for customers.

Safety & Security


ESSTRACK prides itself on the safety element of our solutions. As seen with the horrific and mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370, the inability of knowing exact locations of aircraft has driven us to design a safer answer, always know where the aircraft is, period.

Aircraft Telemetry


Let us take your business to the next flight level, with interactive integration of your aircraft with the operations team, real time!


Our highly qualified aircraft engineers can design a solution to give you unprecedented access to flight data and telemetry based on your aircraft model and limitations it may have.



​Airtime Services 


Utilising the world's leading satellite service providers, Inmarsat and Iridium we can connect your solution, system or hardware to a managed service.  


MGLSAT can provide end to end satellite voice and data plans to get your ESSTRACK service connected and performing to the highest international communications standards.


Check out our partner for any details

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